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Weekly Bible Study A Huge What If (Psalm 124)

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Psalm 124 declares What if! What if the LORD had not been on our side when people attacked us?’ Another week has gone and with so much uncertainty across the world, how many of us know that we are asking the question, “What if..?” In a way it is our tendency in life to ask questions like, “What if..?” We tend to think of what could have been. But also, we may think of why it has not been. So as we look at Psalm 124, the “what if” should make us all think not only about ourselves, but about all those we know and love and of course the wider family of God! Our “what ifs” are settled when we are resting with God on our side even though storms still come. But if we will trust in the Lord, we can live out this storm, we can do as the eagle does in Isaiah 40:31. Though the stormy winds blow, at hurricane force, though the clouds are dark, lightning is striking, the eagle will swing his breast into the storm and use the storm to rise above the trouble. We too can turn our “what ifs” into a quiet confidence when we trust and walk with God.

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